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What is the Chop Service
Chop Service supplies ready mitred mouldings (cut at 45°) to customer specified size.
It is a widely spread service in the USA and in some European countries.The Chop Service benefits are:
• Having the possibility to display a wide range of moulding samples.
• No investing in moulding stock.
• No investing in moulding cutting machines.
• Having the possibility to assess customer interest before purchasing full length mouldings.
• More available space in your warehouse.
• No more waste and off-cut pieces. A possible solution could be to keep only the most common mouldings in stock and purchase the rarely used or more expensive ones though the Chop Service.

How much does the Chop Service cost?
The price of the Chop Service is obtained by increasing the moulding meter price by 80% (multiplying the moulding meter price by 1,80) and then by multiplying the result by the external perimeter of the moulding.
The external perimeter, as all framers know, is given by the sum of the internal perimeter plus 8 times the width of the moulding.
Let's order for example a 30x40 cm frame (internal size) with the moulding 30NOCE, which costs € 2,50 per meter and is 30 mm (3 cm) wide.
The external frame perimeter is calculated as follows:
(30+40 cm) x 2 + (3 cm x 8) = 140 cm + 24 cm = 164 cm that is 1,64 meters
The price of the Chop Service (that is the supplying of the 4 mitred pieces) is:
(Moulding meter price € 2,50 x 1,80) x external perimeter 1,64 meters = € 2,50 x 1,80 x 1,64 = € 7,38 (rounded off to € 7,4).

Adding millimetres
When a framer speaks of a 30x40 cm frame, he/she is normally referring to the internal size of the frame, where the 30x40 cm glass will be placed. The frame must be therefore a bit larger than the glass and the framer will cut the frame in the size 30,2x40,2 cm.
The number of additional millimetres to be added must always be indicated when making a chop order. If you enter, e.g, "2", we will cut the frame at 30,2x40,2 cm. Should you not enter any value, the frame will be cut exactly 30x40 cm, without adding any additional millimetres.

For “L” shaped mouldings the calculation is different
In this case, the outer perimeter of the frame is obtained from the sum of the perimeter of the picture to be framed + 8 times the space between the picture and the frame + the width of the moulding. But be careful !! the width of the moulding is only the width of the vertical part of it and not the total width.
The external perimeter is then increased by 80% and multiplied by the price of the moulding per meter.

Joining the frame
You can also order the joining of the frame, which means we mitre, join the 4 pieces of the frame and touch up the joints.
The price of the joining consists of a fixed price plus a variable part.
The fixed price is € 2 for any chosen size or moulding type.
The variable part is proportional to the external perimeter of the frame and costs € 1 per meter of the external perimeter.
Example of moulding 30NOCE cut and joint at 30x40 cm (external perimeter = 1,64 metres):
Fixed price € 2 + (€ 1 x 1,64 perimeter) = € 2 + 1,64 = € 3,64.

Quantity discounts
We automatically apply quantity discounts on frames with the same moulding code and size.
14% discount on 5 frames
20% discount on 10 frames
24% discount on 20 frames
28% discount on 50 frames
30% discount on 100 frames
Discounts are automatically applied even if they have not been requested.

Size limits
It is advisable not to use thin mouldings for large frames. For example, 50x70 cm frames should be made with at least 2 cm wide mouldings.
The maximum size for joint frames is 60x80 cm for packing reasons.

Now you can try
Feel free to try a practise order on our website.
First select the moulding by the normal trolley system.
Once you have selected the moulding (all the mouldings of the same series), click on the word "Chop" in the line of the moulding. In this way you will open a page with all necessary details and instructions.
Now just follow the instructions. The price will be updated if you add a new moulding or change something.
So you can make all changes you wish before sending the order.
Please feel free to contact us for any doubt (telephone 0039.045.991622).

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