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The framer manual includes many articles that concern framing and aspects of the framer job.
If you want to know more about framing equipment and framing processes you can also watch the video of this web site.
To open the content, click the title of the various topics.


The mouldings

Various articles that illustrate the types of wood of the mouldings, and the various issues concerning the mouldings.


The making of the the frame

This is a selection of articles concerning the various phases of making a frame.


Managing a framer shop

Articles that analyze the various aspects of managing a framer shop.


Machinery and equipment

This is a selection of articles concerning the equipment used by the framer.
If you want to visit our virtual show-room of equipment you should watch the videos of this site.


In front of the customer

The different situations and the various problems that arise when the framer is in front of the customer.


Fine Arts

Articles that concern fine arts: graphic and painting techniques, fine art materials.


Questions & Answers

Interesting questions and the answers of our experts.
Questions/answers are classified per subject.


Tricks & Tips

These are small triks of the trade found out day to day.
Each framer could contribute to this columns sharing a bit of his experience with the colleagues.


Special frames

Examples of particular and original frames. Useful serve as suggestion.






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