The net weight is a theoretical weight of one meter of the moulding. The gross weight is a theoretical weight that also includes the weight of the corrugated cardboard box used for packaging and shpping the mouldings.
The difference between net weight and gross weight is generally 7%. For light woods (such as ayous) it is about 8% while for hard woods (like ramin) it is around 5%. For medium hard woods (such as pine and fir) it is about 7%.


The specific weight

The specific weight is made up of the Kg that are in a cubic meter of moulding. It gives us an idea of the lightness or hardness of the moulding.
For ayous mouldings the specific weight is around 220 while for pine or fir mouldings it is about 260. For hard woods (such as ramin) the specific weight is about 300.
For the framer it is preferable that the wood is hard otherwise it tends to bend if the frame is medium-large.
The specific weight is also important for transport costs. The transporters, in fact, apply a rate increase if the specific weight is less than 250.


The cost of transport

For the trasport we charge a fixed amount.
These are the freight costs that we charge for European countries (export custom fees included):

€ 35 - France, Germany, Austria
€ 37 - Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Luxembourg
€ 40 - Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Finland
€ 55 - Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal
€ 70 - Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia
€ 80 - Ireland, Greece, Corsica
€ 90 - Serbia, Bosnia-Herz., Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo
€ 100 - Great Britain, Switzerland
€ 110 - Iceland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia
€ 130 - Norway

For other countries we look for the best freight cost and include it in the order confirmation of the customer.
For small islands, historical centres and difficult locations there will be a surcharge.
The customer however can choose its own transporter and, in such a case, goods are sent ex-factory.




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