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Quantity Discounts
For each moulding there are 4 quantity discounts.
In the first column you see 50 on the left and 5% on the right. It means that if you buy at least 50 meters you have 5% discount.
In the second column you see 100 on the left and 10% on the right. It means that if you buy at least 100 meters you have 10% discount. And so on.
If you enter a quantity slightly less than the quantity that guarantees a discount, a message will appear advising you to change the quantity to reach the discount. For example, if you order 48 meters a message appears reminding you that it would be more convenient to order 50 meters to gain 10% discount.

Minimum quantity
In the column "Min. Q.ty" the minimum quantity of the order appears (in meters).
For each moulding there is a minimum quantity. However, it is also possible to order a quantity lower than the minimum but, in this case, a surcharge 20% is automatically applied.

Entering the trolley
To enter the order of the moulding in the trolley, click the trolley image.
Remember that for the mouldings you have to enter the meters and not the number of the mouldings. Normally mouldings are 3 meters long but they could also be shorter (but never shorter than 260 cm).
The orders of mouldings are always rounded to the size of the packages. If the quantity is small the rounding can be relevant. For example, an order of 18 meters could be rounded to 15 or 20 meters.

Cancellation or modification of the quantity
You can freely modify or reset the quantity already inserted in the trolley.
Cancellation can also be done later on when you open the trolley. Just click the word "Cancel".

The quantity available in the warehouse appears in the column called "In stock".
The quantity currently in production appears in the column called "In production". You can see the meters in production and the number of days left until the end of production.

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